C6 Home Cinema System


6 inch coaxial driver design
accurate phase response、compact design and high SPL
it meet the low frequency requirements of THX cinema
Simple European design style make it special
compatible hanging system design to meet various installation requirements


Theaters. Only one loudspeaker model for all functions: L, C, R, Surrounding and Ceiling. Can be used horizontal or vertical to fit perfectly in any room.
10º angled baffle that permit a flat mounting on wall or ceiling while focusing the sound to the listening area.
Bass reflex cabinet for extended bass frequency response with a coaxial 6” woofer and 1” compression driver for clear and powerful sound reproduction free of phase problems.


Verity Audio


Innovative symmetrical configuration of the drivers and ports that allow a flat design and practically vibration free cabinet.  The main benefits of the symmetrical flat design is to avoid the comb filtering produced by the rear wall that together the absence of vibration of the cabinet panels permits the SUB deliver the most clear and undistorted sound.
The flat design (only 240mm deep) allow the SUB to be mounted on wall or hang on the ceiling. The vibration free cabinet avoid the problems of sound transmission to other rooms by the building structure.


Acoustics C6 SUB208S SUB408S
Power 150W(AES) 300W(Program) 600W(Peak) 700W(AES) 1400W(Program) 2800W(Peak) 1400W(AES) 2800W(Program) 5600W(Peak)
Sensitivity 92dB SPL 1W/1m (half space) 92dB SPL 1W/1m (half space) 94.5dB SPL 1W/1m (half space)
Maximum SPL@1m 114dB(Continuous) 117dB(Program) 120dB(Peak)  120.5dB(Continuous) 123.5dB(Program) 126.5dB(Peak)  126dB(Continuous) 129dB(Program) 132dB(Peak)
Frequency response 65Hz~13KHz(-6dB),55Hz~15KHz(-10dB) 48Hz~1.1KHz(-6dB),40Hz~1.5KHz(-10dB)  33Hz~250Hz(-6dB),30Hz~350KHz(-10dB)
Driver Coaxial 6″ LF driver + 1″ HF Compression driver  2 x 8″ European driver 4 x 8″ European driver
Connectors Push connector for Input and Stack output 2 x Euroblock (Phoenix) 42A rated with locking screws 2 x Euroblock (Phoenix) 42A rated with locking screws
Cabinet CNC made 12mm MDF,smooth non-glossy white painting  CNC made 15mm MDF,smooth non-glossy white painting  CNC made 18mm MDF,smooth non-glossy white painting
Mounting On shelf,Wall mount or ceiling mount On floor or wall mount On floor or wall mount
Product/Package Dimendions W650mm x H220mm x D175mm/W770mm x H340mm x D300mm W560mm x H420mm x D240mm/W680mm x H560mm x D360mm  W940mm x H560mm x D240mm/W1060mm x H680mm x D360mm
N.W/G.W 9.5kg/10.5kg 21kg/22kg 44kg/46kg


Verity Audio reserves the rights to make changes in specification without prior notice.
The final specification is subject to the user’s manual.