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Best choice for the super bar!
Our program is 2 to4 sets of Monster tower stacked which achieve the target that sound field is very good, the phase is simple, the installation is convenient, and high cost-effective.


Monster tower
Stacking with 2pcs double 12” Monster212 and 2pcs Monster121S. Monster tower at 15 meters away from the free space to reach 155dB instantaneous maximum sound pressure level.
Monster212-3SA system stacked accessories

Monster212-3SA frontMonster212-3SA front Monster212-3SA backMonster212-3SA back

Scientific acoustics design
Monster tower is two meters high after stacking. The bass wall make up of double 12” middle bass and double 21” ultra bass to surround the people. The high pitch horn of Monster tower is asymmetric horn design for middle near field that the upper vertical axis is 50°, the lower vertical axis is 90° and the horizontal angle is 70°. This particular design is a good solution to the coverage technology issues in near field and the far field which is the maximum guarantee of the sound field coverage.
Monster tower system use the bass is a single 21” unit, the output power is 2000W@4ohm and it’s effective low frequency limit for the amazing of 25Hz!
Please enjoy being surrounded by the Monster tower system from surging feeling!
Monster212 Ultra high frequency driver
The MONSTER 212-UHF is a MONSTER 212 ultra-high frequency extend driver consisting of a UHF horn compression driver and some metal structural
components. Can be cleverly installed on the original high frequency horn,and can adjust the appropriate vertical projection angle according to the height of the installation The AES standard power can withstand 35W (above 6k),and the high efficiency can effectively extend the original UHF music, making the details more clear.All metal construction make it more durable.

Monster212-UHFMonster212-UHF Monster212-UHFMonster212-UHF


Power LF:1400W / HF:80W (AES) 2000W (AES)
Program power LF:2800W / HF:160W 2000W AES/4000W Program
Nominal Impedance LF:4Ω / HF:8Ω
Frequency Response LF : 48~2.3kHz / HF : 900~20kHz(-10dB) 28~100Hz
Frequency range 55~18.5kHz (-6dB) 28-1.4kHz(-10dB)
Sensitivity LF : 100dB / HF : 110dB(1W/m) 97.5dB (1W/m)
Maximum SPL >138dB/132dB >130dB/136dB
Horizon 110°
Vertical up:20°+down:60°
LF driver 2×12″Neodymium driver(V.C:4″) 1×21″Carbon fiber cone ferrite driver(V.C:6″)
Voice coil 4″(100mm) 6″(151mm)
HF driver 1×1.4″Neodymium driver(V.C:2.5″)
Voice coil 2.5″(65mm)
Exit 1.4″(35.6mm)
Connector 5x NEUTRIK® NL4 SPEAKON  LF:INPUT1 ±; LINK:2±;  HF:INPUT2±; 2x NEUTRIK®  NL4 SPEAKON  ( INPUT : 1± ; LINK : 2± )
Cabinet CNC to ngue and groove cabinet.18mm birch wood Environmental ivory white
surface treatment/sandtexture and weather-resisting protection paint
CNC to ngue and groove cabinet.18mm birch wood Environmental ivory white
surface treatment/sandtexture and weather-resisting protection paint
Hanging side frame 4 pcs Ø40 hoisting ring for quickly mounting
Product Dimensions(mm)
LF :W750 x H549 x D739 W747  x H595 x D790
Package Dimensions(mm) LF :W910 xH 510 xD780/ HF : W460 x H430 xD 440 W910 x H770 x D960
N.W LF :39.5 kg/ HF : 8.5 kg 71.5 kg
G.W LF :51 kg/ HF : 12 kg 87 kg

Verity Audio reserves the rights to make changes in specification without prior notice.
The final specification is subject to the user’s manual.


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