IWAC220P has a good physical structure and good physical group delay correction, so that the sound superposition is more ideal with a new generation of high resolution sound quality;
Innovative hanging design. The preset angle of the ground can directly increase the installation speed by four times;
Innovative vertical transport design can stack transportation, greatly improve the efficiency of the protection of transportation;
Special power amplifier module plug in design, allowing in the suspension state independently solve the accident;
Unique V-NET product network management system;
Each drive unit has fully independent DSP control and sufficient power drive, which makes the whole system adjust to the ideal advantage of the active system;
Specifically designed for mobility commercial performance,compatible with all applications.


Model IWAC220P
Frequency Response(-10dB) 80~20kHz
Max SPL >136dB
Input sensitivity 0.775V
Horizontal coverage angle 120°
Compression driver 2 x 1″ Neodymium driver
Voice coil 1.73″
Midrange-Woofer 2 x 10″ Neodymium driver
Voice coil 1.73″
Crossover frequencies 2kHz
Protections thermal,excurs,rms
Limiter soft limiter
Controls DSP Controlled/PLS system
High frequencies 250W(CLASS D)
Mid-Lowfrequency 2 x800W(CLASS D)
Cooling convection/forced
Connection powercon
Product Dimensions(mm) 742 x 286 x 505